Murder of Kacie Woodie and serial killer Pedro Rodrigues Filho (aka Killer Petey, the real-life Dexter)


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In 2002, 12-year old Kacie Woodie disappeared into thin air from her home in Holland, Arkansas. At first, police are puzzled, until they learn about Kacie's friends who she met online - begging the question, are these internet friends who they say they are? Then we cover the story of Pedro Rodrigues Filho (aka Pedrinho Matador aka Killer Petey). From the 1960s to 2003, Pedro killed at last 71 people, both in and outside jail. 10 of these murders were before he was 18 years old. But instead of picking innocent, random members of society, Pedro specifically targeted criminals - leading him to be compared to fictional TV character Dexter Morgan.
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