TRL 122: Lessons From Running a 120 Person Remote Company with Chase Warrington | Head of Business Development at Doist


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💬 Topics Discussed:

  • How Chase went from growing up in Western North Carolina to traveling full time
  • How Chase discovered Doist and got his job there
  • Most important lessons from running a large distributed team
  • How do you apply trust and transparency within a company in the real world?
  • How can companies transition from tracking time to tracking results
  • How to use time tracking effectively in your company
  • How does the battle between Gig work & Salary work play out
  • How can non-product companies apply some of these lessons
  • How to make your team communication more asynchronous
  • Some ideas around how to keep documentation and SOPs in a remote company
  • Why you should post a memo when you make a change around how you tackle a certain problem
  • How Doist fosters a strong community in their company and how can small companies with a smaller budget do this
  • Why only 10% of digital nomads are actually nomadic

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