TRL 121: From Edge of Bankruptcy to Building a $500,000 per Year Business in Just 2 Years with Heath Armstrong


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💬 Topics Discussed:

  • Why Heath decided to take a guided trip to Bulgaria
  • How to buy a van for 50% the regular price
  • How long it takes to build out a van
  • Realities of living in a van and how to do it the right way as a remote worker
  • How living as a digital nomad allows you to be more productive
  • How Heath's company generates over $40K per month helping Amazon sellers
  • Why delegating is such an important part of creating a reliable passive income
  • How Heath was able to very quickly jump-start his business by using strategic partnerships
  • Why Stripe rejected Heath's business
  • How Heath scaled his businesses using outsourcing
  • How to manage a large team of remote workers
  • Where Heath finds great people for his businesses
  • Heath's tips for finding success in whatever you do
  • How to separate yourself from your daily stressors to continue doing your best work

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