TRL 117: Meeting Gary Vaynerchuk, Becoming Your Best Self Through Meditation, & Podcasting with Danny Miranda


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💬 Topics Discussed:

  • How meditating can help improve your mental wellbeing
  • How Danny became interested in entrepreneurship from a young age
  • Why Gary Vaynerchuk called Danny's mom
  • Why Danny started his own podcast
  • How Twitter helped excel Danny’s career
  • Why getting good advice is half the battle
  • How podcasting can help you expand your network
  • How to know if you should abandon a project
  • Why Danny publishes three podcast episodes a week
  • How Danny gets high-profile guests on his podcast
  • What makes a podcast episode great and how to ask impactful questions
  • How to deal with attention on the internet
  • Danny’s favorite podcast guest
  • How to make money podcasting
  • What would Danny’s ideal average day look like
  • Upcoming guests on the Danny Miranda Podcast

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