TRL 114: Nomad Capitalist Live 2021 Breakdown with Chapin Kreuter


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💬Topics Discussed:
- Chapin's surfing business
- What made Chapin want to attend the Nomad Capitalist Live event
- Was the event useful for people who are note 7 or 8 figure entrepreneur
- Who were the people in attendance of the Nomad Capitalist Live event
- What the event setup was like (location, vibe, experience, etc)
- Topics discussed and covered during the event
- Nomad Capitalist Live Cost
- Chapin's favorite talks from the event
- Chapin's top actionable take-a-away from the event
- Why you should get a 2nd citizenship even if you don't plan on living elsewhere
- Does it make sense to attend the event twice, or is it a one and done
- The underlying whispers of the event
- What type of person will get the most out of the event
- Andrew Henderson behind the scenes
- Emerging destinations discussed at Nomad Capitalist Live 2021

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