TRL 110: Real Estate Investing for Digital Nomads 101 with Matt Bowles from Maverick Investor Group


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💬 Topics Discussed:

  • Why more digital nomads should invest in real estate
  • Why Matt decided to create a real estate investment company
  • The 5 profit sources real estate investment provides you with
  • How Matt got interested in travelling and visited over 60 countries
  • Why studying abroad is so beneficial when growing up.
  • How to put together a great business plan
  • The benefits of owning a real estate investment company
  • How to work with clients and employees who live around the globe on different schedules
  • Free report on real estate investment for digital nomads
  • Why should people who are location independent invest in property, and what are the pros and cons
  • How COVID has affected the real estate market
  • What real estate market trends should you pay attention to
  • Finding a community of remote workers with programs like Remote Year

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