Episode 107 That Great Business Show - Open for Vintage, Dave Geraghty and Colin Saunders and a €100,000 handbag PLUS Peter Leonard and Mark Tottenham launch new legal podcast 5th Court and explain contracts


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2.30" Colin Saunders and Dave Geraghty explain how Open for Vintage is taking on the world of 2nd hand luxury goods. The secret is in the platform they developed themselves (Dave is ex-Facebook, ex-Wish, ex-Google...) that gives buyers, worldwide, dynamic pricing which means you see the price and that's it, in includes currency conversion, all relevant taxes and delivery charges. Clean. But it's not the only company selling 2nd hand handbags at €100,000 (that is NOT a typo!) so how do you take on others and win in luxury?

Their 'hires in a heartbeat'?

Dave wants to hire Colin Saunders (even though they're business partners) whilst Colin wants to 'hire in a heartbeat' the Net-a-Porter founder Natalie Massenet AND he wants Kim Kardashian who has worn some of OfV items...

42.00" We have a new podcast! Joining The Media Group stable with a new legal podcast is the team that previously brought you 'Law on Trial'. Barristers Peter Leonard and Mark Tottenham are launching 'The Fifth Court' aimed at everyone and anyone with an interest matters legal (FYI there are 25,000 solicitors and c. 2,000 barristers along with thousands of law students in the country). The team of legal-eagles were the recent winners of the Law Society of Ireland 'Best Legal Podcast' Award. Professional excellence is everything at The Media Group. BUT...there's always a but, when the Batman and Robin of Lawyers came into studio we didn't give them a free pass. We made them discuss the many legal quirks about contracts. For example telling somebody in a pub that they're hired could mean, well they're hired! They debunk that pub lawyer myth about mispriced goods in a shop and they explain how you can get out of buying that car you promised to purchase.

Their 'hire in a heartbeats' - Peter wants media giants Mike Bloomberg and/or Lionel Barber (probably to handle their libel and defamation suits) whilst Mark wants John Witherow, formerly of the London Times, (for reasons, see Mike Bloomberg and Lionel Barber above!?).

60.00" All about the new 'The Fifth Court' podcast including details of their first guest, Mr. Justice Gerard Hogan, talking about The Free State Constitution - and updates on the latest key legal news.


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