Texas Radio Theatre 65 – The Night of the Roku


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The Night of the Roku

A Son of Schlock Audio Theatre audioplay

Vic decides to do away with his 8mm films and embrace new streaming technology to show his guests.

Written by Charles Pratt and Richard Frohlich – Recorded, Edited and Produced by Richard Frohlich. Featuring the voice talents of Reg Platt, Susan McMath Platt, Bryan Douglas, Ken Raney, Dona Safran, Libby Mitchell, and Larry Groebe.

It was recorded May 2016 at RF Media studios in Arlington Texas

In the next few shows we plan to go back in time and revisit, resurrect and repost some of the classic Schlock audio theatres produced by the Columbia Audio Theatre – and if possible bring Charles Pratt in to give his thoughts and comments on those productions.

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