192: Learn to code through game development with PursuedPyBear - Piper Thunstrom


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The first game I remember coding, or at least copying from a magazine, was in Basic. It was Lunar Lander.

Learning to code a game is a way that a lot of people get started and excited about programming.

Of course, I don't recommend Basic. Now we've got Python. And one of the game engines available for Python is PursuedPyBear, a project started by Piper Thunstrom.

Piper joins us this episode and we talk about PursuedPyBear, learning to code, and learning CS concepts with game development.

PursuedPyBear, ppb, is a game framework great for learning with, with goals of being fun, education friendly, an example of idiomatic Python, hardware library agnostic, and built on event driven and object oriented concepts.

Special Guest: Piper Thunstrom.

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