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WE ARE BACK - season 3, can you even believe it?
This has been such a beautiful journey and we simply couldn't have gotten here without the overwhelming support of the community, our sponsors and guests.
With that being said, we are beyond thrilled to welcome Hassel Aviles of Not 9 to 5, coming to us in person from Toronto.
Hassel is a powerhouse on her own but has dedicated her expertise, time and resources to be a crucial asset to not only her community back in Canada but to the global hospitality industry.
As we roll into season 3, we can comfortably say that these conversations are getting deeper - while our collective impact is only becoming more intentional.
So much was covered [trigger warning] in regards to suicide, mental health trauma, wage inequity so tread lightly and feel free to take a break if needed.
We are so fortunate to continue to do this work and are eternally grateful to you all - yes, YOU.
Thank you again to Not 9 to 5 for sharing space with us, Ritual Zero Proof for the support, Blind Barber for hosting these necessary conversations, and the entire crew for continuing this magic with us.
In addition, check out CNECTING - through the CNECTing platform, they offer courses, Primary Concerns and CNECTed.

Both were developed to help identify, understand and respond to mental health crisis situations both in the workplace and interpersonal interactions.

But it doesn't end with completing the courses and getting certified.
They aim to increase community engagement and support through the CNECTing platform and online events.

Stay Up Out There,
The T o S Crew

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