CallMiner’s Brian LaRoche on why contact centres are the buzz again [promoted]


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Boston is known for its beauty, Fenway Park, the Boston marathon, and that pub from Cheers. It’s also the home of an executive with the one of the coolest titles ever, “Driving the buzz at CallMiner”. In this podcast, Brian LaRoche joined us for an early morning discussion, talking about all things contact centre and more. LaRoche gives an insightful view into a company that is making significant strides in the contact centre world. He says that “feedback is a gift that should be treated as such” and emphasises the importance of listening as a management skill. CallMiner has even named its annual user conference “Listen” because of the importance of, well, listening. In the podcast, LaRoche draws inspiration from a new study that CallMiner commissioned from Forrester, “The New Contact Centre Empowers its People with Customer Intelligence” and provides advice to contact centre managers and C-level executives considering investing in the exciting area of interaction analytics. The automation of the mundane is giving rise to the “super-agent”, who needs to be empowered to lead client interactions in an empathetic way, irrespective of the client channel or the agent’s location. Seventy percent of respondents in the Forrester study agree that good customer-agent experience often de-escalates a bad brand experience. Listen to your agents, train your agents and give them feedback on how they are performing. It’s worth it! With CallMiner continually expanding its artificial intelligence and machine-learning capabilities to show, in context, trending as well as stronger real-time analytics, it’s an exciting time in the contact centre business. Enjoy the discussion! * This promoted content was paid for by the party concerned

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