McAfee's device-to-cloud cybersecurity method


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This podcast is produced in conjunction with McAfee

With almost every organization on the planet now making at least some use of cloud computing, how are they protecting those remote operations and their data from a cyber-attack?

McAfee has transitioned from a provider of antivirus software on desktops to a device-to-cloud cybersecurity company. Its solutions can oversee all manner of endpoints, from phones, laptops, desktops, and servers, to cloud computing and storage, and the lifeblood data that travels between them.

In this podcast, we speak to Daryush Ashjari, the Head of Presales & Sales Engineering for McAfee Asia Pacific, about the new cloud paradigm and how it can be best secured.

Daryush talks to us about how mass remote working has changed, how most IT functions have had to rethink about security, and why a full-service cloud-based system of protection can cover off this essential aspect of running any organization.

We chat about home working, sharing insecure wireless networks with the family, and using work hardware at home (and personal hardware to get a day's work done). What are the new threats, and how can we address the problems of an attack surface that's suddenly got very, very big?

Daryush and our host also touch on inside and outside threats, and see if we can picture a way for organizations to scale safely in a world that's increasingly data-driven.

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