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This podcast is produced in conjunction with Prospection

Medical data on patients and their treatments forms highly complex data sets that need specialist software to decode and examine. Among the few organizations that can address the challenges of medical information is Prospection, an Aussie business that works with clinicians, pharmaceutical companies and researchers to decode the hidden patterns of cause, effect, and correlation that are hidden in the gigabytes of information that follow patients throughout their lives.

In addition to holding the key to better treatments, more effective drugs, and shorter clinical trials, medical data also represents some of the most sensitive information about individuals that's stored digitally. Anonymization and cybersecurity practices help protect a patient's identity, but the level of detail required for meaningful outcomes creates the need for a fine balance between data integrity and human privacy.

In this episode of the Tech Means Business podcast, we talk to Eric Chung and Peter Cronin, the co-founders of Prospection about these issues. Plus, we talk about how pharmaceutical companies benefit from longitudinal patient data – information that joins up a patient's interactions with different parts of healthcare over the course of their lives.

Peter is a clinician, while Eric is the IT specialist, and together they've formed a company that's at the cutting edge of what digital information can do to improve all our lives.

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