James W. McConkie III


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General Thoughts:

  • This is a fantastic sermon! So don't fall into the trap of retelling the sermon.
  • The talk includes references to Mark 2:1-12. You may want to consider finding Come Follow Me resources about these chapters to further inform your lesson preparation
  • You could focus on the 4 individuals who carry the man stricken with palsy. If you do so you could invite the class to process who they would be in their life and then share it with another individual (or a group) in the class.

Warm Up:

  • Who is Jesus in one word?
  • Find one characteristic of Jesus in the scriptures.
  • Invite 5 people to make a boy scout stretcher to illustrate how the man stricken with palsy was carried (see how to make this stretcher here). This gets a group out of their chairs and invites them to engage physically with the material and it will help people retain the lesson because of this unique visual.

Media Mixup


  • How have you discovered Jesus to be different than you anticipated?
  • How do we assume Jesus is one way when in reality, He is just the opposite?
  • Who are the 4 people who deserve the most credit in bringing you to Jesus Christ?
  • How do we sometimes wonder if Christ is able to lift the burdens of others?
  • How has a community shown up for you on your journey to Christ?

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