The Breakfast Show with Dorian Brown 03-12-21: Teaching for the Anthropocene


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Paul Turner (aka Radical Geographer) joins Dorian in the studio today to explain what we mean by 'teaching for the Anthropocene' and why it is vital that we weave the climate crisis into our curricula so that we can inform and empower teachers and students to take impactful action to safeguard the future of the planet.

Paul has a wealth of experience in working with students, departments, schools and organisations to engender a radical mindset in us all that will ensure we think more critically, speak more knowledgeably and act more compassionately. He shares an incredible amount of resources and dedicates time and energy to advocacy and campaigning for tangible, real action.

We talk about his emphatic work with Ministry of Eco, his reflections on the 'success' of COP26 and how the power of storytelling can engender a shift in mindset and our behaviours.

This was a packed show and there are so many nuggets of information, facts, advice and resources - we dug into some deep issues and Paul's knowledge and passion shone through. This was so so important and enjoyable - not to be missed!

Links referred to in the show:

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Emergency on Planet Earth (by Dr Emily Grossman):

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Parents for a future (by Rupert Read):

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