The Quickie: How To Find a Meaningful Career (When You Don’t Know WTF To Do With Your Life)


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Our relationship with work has changed a lot over the last few years. As we’ve seen with The Great Resignation, young professionals are thankfully dumping hustle culture and reevaluating their priorities in life and work. And that’s great if you know what you want and can create a career out of it, but what about if you don’t know wtf to do with your life?

We’re here to help. This week’s Quickie is all about how to find a career path that fuels your mind AND your bank account. From prioritizing your values and identifying your purpose, to figuring out what you’re uniquely good at, we’re diving deep on what makes a fulfilling career. Because unfortunately for us adults, you gotta work b*tch!

Join us as we chat about:

  • Why the “dream job” is a myth and saying BYE to hustle culture
  • How to find your personal purpose
  • The 4 questions to ask yourself if you’re feeling lost in your career
  • The reality of pursuing your interests
  • Identifying your unique talents
  • Prioritizing your values in a job
  • Learning to face fears and apply for scary jobs

We hope this episode helps you on your journey to a meaningful career!

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