Taurus Stoner Horoscope August


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Stoner Taurus August will be an emotional period. All of the human condition will be felt on the terrestrial journey through the final Summer month.

In the first two weeks of August, lean heavy on the sacred connection provided by cannabis. Universal influence will support digging deep into the roots of your familial bonds. Toke time to medicate and meditate on the events and moments that brought you to this stage in your terrestrial adventure.

Join the smoke circle stoner Taurus. Chop it up, and chat it up with your canna-fam. Open communication will be the key to this heartfelt period. The pressure of this weighty world has been capped recently. Use communal smoke sessions to release the pressure.

Cannabis companions, and the broader smoke circle are ready to listen. Sharing a story or two while sharing a blunt can be a very cathartic experience my stoner Bull.

Speaking of blowing off steam while blowing smoke clouds. After a thoughtful beginning to August, the final two weeks will be filled with cosmic adventure. Restlessness will give way to ambition.

But, be cautious stoner Taurus. There are plenty of fun adventures to be found within the rules and structures of society. Without restraint and maturity, stepping outside these rigid rules may cause costly unintended impacts.

Suck it up buttercup! Stoner Taurus, this cute phrase does more than rhyme. It is a call to action from within. Toke time for mindful meditations with the sacred herb in August. Deep medicated dives are not necessary, but numerous moments of contemplation are required.

The universe will send positive waves of resiliency your way, but you must bathe in the blessings. It’s easy to catch the feels over slights and missed opportunities. It’s easy to wallow about budgetary constraints leaving you on the outside looking in on what you consider to be the finer things on this terrestrial plane.

Use contemplative moments with the sacred herb to see through the frivolity of material emotions. Use your cannabis copilot to train yourself to see beyond the trappings of envy and victimhood. By the end of August, the stoner Bull will be ready to charge forward with ambition and confidence. But now with emotional experience and strategy guiding their powerful gallop.

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