Honest Tea Opened Doors. Its Closure Might Open Even More.


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Taste Radio’s hosts discussed Coca-Cola’s decision to discontinue Honest Tea, the brand’s legacy and impact on better-for-you beverage and food companies, and what the move might mean for new and emerging upstarts. They also highlighted recently announced speakers, including Bang Energy founder/CEO Jack Owoc and top executives from Whole Foods and Kroger, that will be joining the stages at BevNET Live and NOSH Live this summer and chatted about several innovative products that crossed their desks over the past month.

Show notes:

0:40: Jacqui Wins Again, Mike Is ‘Country Curious’ And Drinks Broccoli, Ray’s Essential Travel Food – The episode opens with a chat about a country music star’s bourbon brand, another trophy for Jacqui and why March 1, 2011 was a special day. John explained why some small brands will likely benefit from Honest Tea’s discontinuation, Ray noted the sale of a pioneering cold-pressed juice brand and the hosts collectively spoke about some of their favorite new products, including a mouthwatering coated nut snack, outstanding RTD cocktails and cannabis drinks, plus some beverages made with unusual ingredients.

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