#16 - Psychedelics and Sexual Healing with Daka Ziji


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Happy Valentine's Month! This is the first episode of a special series we're doing on sexuality and psychedelics. Joining us on the pod today is Daka Ziji, owner of Gay Massage Vancouver. He's been exploring different traditions including First Nations spirituality, Tantric Buddism, and yoga. His work culminated in spending 2 years in a Canadian Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Canada developing meditation, learning the philosophy of tantra, which he incorporates into practice. Through his own journey with psychedelics he learned the synergistic relationship possible with psilocybin and sexual touch to help heal and validate our sexuality and the issues that permeate around it.
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Daka Ziji's Business - > https://www.gaymassagevancouver.com
Dr. Betty Matin's Book - > The Art of Receiving and Giving: The Wheel of Consent

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