What To Do Now?


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On this week's episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel discuss what they're watching in the market this week and what investors need to consider moving forward.

Unemployment Claims

This week's unemployment claims shot to new record highs far surpassing last week's record number. Yet, the market was mostly higher on Thursday following the news. Many investors might consider it a disconnect but it might just be a good sign that the market has priced in much of the bad news in the job market.

Oil Rally

Oil rallied nicely this week on speculation that Russia and Saudia Arabia may find a truce in the oil war. However, this news has yet to be confirmed. If we can see confirmation from both countries soon, oil may just be able to put in a bottom.

Allocation is King

Your investment allocation is one of the key ways you can manage or mitigate some of the risks in your portfolio. If you've found these recent moves difficult to sleep through and are unsure how your allocation lines up with your financial goals, it may be time to revisit your financial plan and investment management.

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