Bear Market Rally


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On this week's episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel review the recent rally in the stock market after March's severe decline.


This week we continued to receive record headline numbers in the weekly jobless claims report and the US now stands at a higher continuing unemployment rate than it saw doing the most recent recession during the Financial Crisis. However, the stock market as a whole continued its rally in the face of this news. While much of the headline number may be baked into the market the real question is how this number will recover after quarantines resolve and how quickly the economy might ramp back up.

Investing Stage Strategies

Since it can be difficult to avoid the headlines and noise during market volatility it becomes important to know what this volatility means for the various stages of your investing journey. Quint and Daniel break down how certain demographics should actually welcome this volatility while others may need to have a plan to help mitigate it.

What To Look For Now

With the market off lows, investors now have a chance to review their allocation, the temperament, and how markets digest news going forward. Quint and Daniel review what they're watching now to indicate this bear market may subside or further declines may be in store.

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