110 – Clay McLeod Chapman and Unhealthy Obsession with Clear Plastic Tarps


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Wanna get haunted?

That’s the delightful proposition offered by Clay McLeod Chapman’s Ghost Eaters – a novel of ghosts, grief and ghastly narcotics. Just take one pill and you can sell all the phantoms that surround you. What a premise!

It’s Clay’s second time on Talking Scared and he’s always welcome. There are few more honest, open, and thoughtful writers out there. This time around we go deep, into the real emotional core of Ghost Eaters, talking about lost friends and long-ago dreams. We discuss 90s indie art, postmodernism’s pains-in-the-ass, and our drug experiences (turns out we’re lame).

Oh, and there are Machine Elves. What are Machine Elves, you ask? Listen to find out.


Ghost Eaters is released September 20th by Quirk Books

Other books mentioned in this episode include:

  • Between Two Fires (2012), by Christopher Buehlman
  • Whisper Down the Lane (2021), by Clay McLeod Chapman – (episode 32)
  • The Secret History (1992), by Donna Tartt
  • Infinite Jest (19960, by David Foster Wallace

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