”I’m just going to be me!” - With Elsa Nilsson E:210


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"Breath is rhythm - movement is rhythm"

This week on 'Talking Flutes Extra', Jean-Paul speaks with the wonderful musician and flute player Elsa Nilsson about her two new albums, and in turn, has a lesson on the beauty and community of the giant Redwood trees.

Following the opening up of the music scene again (post covid) Elsa explains that it was "The communal experience of creativity was the thing that brought us back to life!"

In this really enlightening podcast, they explore with a couple of tracks her new album 'Atlas of Sound' which is is a passionate dialogue with giant Redwood trees and also listen to a track called "Let it Burn' from a very creative album by the Esthesis Quartet.

For more information on Elsa and also these brilliant new albums, visit www.elsanilssonmusic.com

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