An unconventional musical journey. E: 218 with Abigail Burrows


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"We all flourish at different times and I wasn't ready when I was younger!"

From musical prodigy to West End shows and orchestras with severe burn out along the way, this week on Talking Flutes, Clare speaks with musician, flute player and founder of the eFlute Festival Abigail Burrows.

An enlightening podcast where Abbie speaks openly about the benefits and also difficulties that being a hugely talented and successful flute player at a young age brought upon her.

After being completely burnt out after her first year at Music College, Abbie left the flute and music world behind as she dipped her toes in to other ways to earn a living. However after a couple of years, the desire to get the flute out began to bubble up and she returned to practicing again.

Now a very successful musician and flute player, Abbie explains how a career wobble doesn't mean and end to your musical journey and that it's vitally important that you remain authentic at all times, both to your music and also yourself.

You can find our more about Abbie and also her eFlutes Festival at

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