White Sox Need Some FIRE | 526


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Timestamps: 0:00 Experimental Pod! 4:00 TV Trev! 5:40 NL Recap 9:35 Joey Meneses 10:10 Excited for the Mets 12:55 Good Job, Phillies! 14:45 Cardinals-Rockies 17:15 AL Recap 21:20 Pirates-DBacks 23:20 Guardians are in First Place! 27:10 Dusty Baker 32:30 Interleague Recap 34:25 Twins-Dodgers 45:00 Padres 54:50 White Sox are Mid 1:06:30 Mariners & Orioles 1:18:50 Brewers-Cardinals Coming Up 1:23:50 Luis Castillo 1:27:10 Brady Singer 1:30:40 Slump Watch 1:31:35 En Fuego 1:33:05 Smell of Gasoline Award: Rougned Odor 1:37:05 Don't Eat All the Cookies Award: Lance McCullers Jr. 1:40:55 BBD Simulator Stimulator

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