#349: Meet Beanie: A MongoDB ODM + Pydantic


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This podcast episode you're listening to right now was delivered to you, in part, by MongoDB and Python powering our web apps and production processes. But if you're using pymongo, the native driver from MongoDB to talk to the server, you're doing it wrong. Basing your app on a foundation of exchanging raw dictionaries is a castle of sand. BTW, see the joke at the end of the show about this. You should be using an ODM. This time we're talking about Beanie which is one of the exciting, new MongoDB Object Document Mappers which is based on Pydantic and is async-native. Join me as I discuss this project with its creator: Roman Right. Get the full show notes at https://talkpython.fm/episodes/show/349/meet-beanie-a-mongodb-odm-pydantic

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