Second Jobs, Stephen Nolan Podcast & BBC and Nicola Sturgeon & Irn Bru / with Shona Craven


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Stuart and Eamonn are joined by returning commentator, Shona Craven. This week - MSPs and second jobs, Stephen Nolan's podcast looking at Stonewall & the BBC and Nicola Surgeon's expanded COP26 role during week 2 of the conference.


Eamonn: Sky documentary - 'The Witness (2016)' ("In 1964, The New York Times printed an article stating that Kitty Genovese was murdered while 38 witnesses did nothing. Fifty years later, her brother reinvestigates.") -

Stuart: Monday's Scotland v Denmark World Cup Qualifier match - A specific highlight of the match at 32m 20s which harks back to the Scottish origins of the passing game.

Shona: 'Things Fell Apart' - new Jon Ronson podcast on BBC Sounds ("A series of strange, unexpected human stories from the history of the culture wars.") -

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