Eli Roth's Fin - Exposing The Horrors of Shark Hunting


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Eli Roth returns to talk about his new horror film of sorts. This one’s a documentary called “Fin,” and it chronicles the horror that is the shark fin trade industry. It’s streaming now on Discovery+! Over 100,000,000 sharks are killed each year (that's 274,000 per day) primarily for one reason – to remove their fin to then make Shark Fin soup! It’s an atrocity that is leading sharks down a path to extinction, and Eli, along with the help of a couple of his A-list friends, Leonardo DiCaprio and actress Nina Dobrev, are trying to prevent that from happening. Eli talks about the plight of the sharks, and the horrific ways in which they’re being fished and killed, and puts to rest some common misconceptions about sharks (they’re not human predators and they definitely aren’t hunting human flesh)! He also speaks to the fishing tournaments in the US that are contributing to the shark’s demise, the huge disservice that the movie “Jaws” has done to plight of sharks, the way the fishing industry continues to exploit that to their advantage, and most importantly, what YOU can do to save the sharks… and the oceans! Go to FinTheMovie.com for information on how you can help, and how you can stream the documentary on Discovery+.

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