Tales of Marketing Transformation


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Tales of Marketing Transformation, hosted by internationally recognised transformational marketing strategist, speaker and podcaster, Dr Jürgen Strauss. The Tales of Marketing Transformation podcast lays a firm foundation for your marketing journey. Tune out all the black-magic and imagine a time where marketing has transformed into something human; where marketing is about building relationships with people you serve; where marketing is about helping people achieve and excel. That time is now. Time for Transformation. Marketing is the very core of your business. Marketing is about change - about helping people achieve; about providing opportunities to solve problems; about service. Marketing is about making things and making things better; it's about creating. Marketing is building relationships with the people you serve; it's about engaging your people with stories that resonate and spread your message. Each episode of Tales of Marketing Transformation will provide one valuable lesson or message to guide you on your journey of Marketing Transformation. Episode resources: https://talesofmarketingtransformation.com Stay connected by subscribing at https://talesofmarketingtransformation.com/subscribe

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