Episode 235: Darth Mars talks about Studio Ghibli movies, Dungeons and Dragons, Ducktales, Cosplay, and Art


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Darth Mars (DarthMars.jpg on Instagram) joins me to talk about some of her favorite fandoms.

We start things off with a conversation about Studio Ghibli movies. From her favorite movies and characters, to lesser known titles, and those that she would recommend.

Then, we talk about how she first got into playing Dungeons and Dragons. Her initial experience, her enjoyment of the game and recommendations to those who are interested in playing.

From there, we talk about the Ducktales reboot series which can be seen on Disney Plus. We also talk about a few other Disney cartoon series.

Then we wrap with a conversation about how she got into Cosplay, along with talking about her background in art and what she hopes to do in the industry.

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