Ep. 044 - Alex is back


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Beav and Alex are back in the studio together for the first time in 2 months. We get an update on Beav’s fitness journey, which hasn’t gone well since all of the gyms shut down. But really the gym isn’t the problem, his biggest hurdle is now the nutrition side of things. We have confirmed Beav will eat a salad live on the podcast! That a big deal….

Alex gives us some life updates with the newest baby to his tribe. A few more gray hairs, a sore back, and lack of sleep is only half of it. Bored kids, that are tired of being stuck at home, are really hard to deal with. Kids need new experiences and new social interaction, thats how they learn and grow.

Speaking of learning, how about all of this online only schools now? The guys get into that discussion, and go back and forth about the future of schooling and personal issues that can create for a lot of people.

All of this and a ton more on this episode of the Tactical Baby Gear® Podcast.

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