Cultivating a Healthy Mindset (Part 3/3)


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Cultivating a Healthy Mindset

with Special Guest: Karlene Rose Falco!

Karlene Rose Falco, a native of Brooklyn, NY., has worked in the Real Estate Industry for 24 years. Not one to ever back down from a challenge, she directs her courageousness, creativity, and commitment to her business. She’s gone from New York to the Bay and now LA. Karlene brings the flavor everywhere she goes!

After 20 plus years, Karlene decided it was time to stop playing it safe and made the jump from Property Management to Add Value/ Investment Management. Her current book of business ranges from developers, construction, and management companies that span 10 US markets with over 170 thousand units and 2 billion-plus in assets!

When asked why she loves multifamily investing, she responded with-

"I have a deep love for multifamily… there's nothing more personal than being in a home. Life happens in your home. I get to bring people together, build a community and give others an opportunity to generate wealth and create a legacy."

Karlene's home base is in LA, where she lives with her 16-year-old son. When she's not busy running her business, hosting her real estate investing summits with experts in the field, or advocating for the Black Lives Matter movement. You can find her at her Functional HIIT class with her son deadlifting 160 lbs all while keeping perfect form.


About Vinney (Smile) Chopra:

Vinney is a real estate investor, syndicator, International best-selling author, host of 4 podcasts, multifamily educator, mentor, dedicated husband of over 40 years and father of 2 children-Neil and Monica, residing in Danville, California (near San Francisco) for 40+ years. Vinney came to this country with only $7 in his pocket and a dream. Vinney has now built a portfolio of over 6,500 units amounting to over $650 Million in the multifamily, senior assisted living and hospitality arenas. He is passionate about helping others achieve financial freedom and giving back to our seniors who have given us so much.

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