168 - Healing Inflammatory Arthritis with Clint Paddison


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Imagine living life in constant physical pain, not knowing whether it will get better or worse the next day. Living with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) isn't always easy. Everyday chores can become a challenge as the disease progresses. Fortunately, there are various treatments and strategies to better manage the condition. Today's guest developed rheumatoid arthritis at age 31, becoming incapacitated by the disease. It was food poisoning that set him on a true healing journey.

Clint Paddison is an Australian comedian, motivational coach, and health strategist with a science background and a giant dose of positive expectations. He was asked to give a TEDx talk on How To Reverse RA Naturally at Bond University, Queensland, Australia. He also spoke to over 200 naturopaths at the International Convention of Integrative Medicine to explain the connection between our digestive system and autoimmune diseases.

What we discuss in this episode:

- First, let's listen to an excerpt from Dotsie’s book

- Clint shares his battle with RA and how food poisoning led him to his healing journey

- What you need to know about RA and its symptoms

- The dilemma between taking a drug with adverse side effects and living in pain

- Clint talks about gut health and autoimmune diseases

- What steps can you take to lower inflammation?

- Food and autoimmune disease - the effects of dairy and meat plus fat intake

- How to exercise and move your body even when you are experiencing pain

- The effects of Humira, Methotrexate, NSAIDS, and other drugs for RA

- Book Recommendation - The Enzyme Factor by Dr. Hiromi Shinya

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