245: How To Disqualify Clients To Grow Your Business - With April Beach


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Disqualifying clients is an important part of business growth. This concept comes from the idea that concentrating your sales and marketing on only the most qualified leads is a more successful way to increase sales. But how do you disqualify clients and find the perfect people you’re called to serve? That’s what we’re covering in today’s show. This is not a training on “ideal client avatars” or niche coaching topics - these are the questions no one is telling you to raise, but they must be asked for your happiness and financial success, and that of your clients. At the end of this episode you will:
  1. Know what topics to qualify and disqualify clients on
  2. Have a list of questions to workshop for yourself to get clear
  3. Gain confidence in developing a disqualification mindset in your business
  4. Leave this episode looking at the current clients you have and immediately being able to see who is the perfect fit and who is not.

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