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Simona Zollet is originally from Italy and is now a researcher and educator at Hiroshima university who is focused on rural areas around the Chugoku-Shikoku areas of Japan.

Here we talk about some of Simona's insights about successful case studies that she has found in small rural communities and interesting similarities and differences in comparison between what is happening in Japan and Italy. Simona is particularly interested in entrepreneurship and regenerative agriculture projects as examples of sustainable success.

Simona Zollet is one of the speakers at the "Women to Inspire a Sustainable Japan" event in Mitarai, Hiroshima on May 14th (join us!) here she talks about her research with regenerative agriculture and entrepreneurship in rural Japan.

Simona is also the Rural Research Fellow for the

USASBE- United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship. She describes her projects and research as engaging with integrated rural development, sustainability transitions in agri-food systems, small scale and post-growth entrepreneurship.

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