60th Sustainable Travel Japan Podcast - The Meaning of Good Travel Musings


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Wow! the 60th sustainable travel Japan episode- thank you all for your support in getting to this point.

Some thoughts about sustainable travel and tourism here on things I've learned about the importance of travel for a more sustainable, peaceful and empathetic world. In 2019, I was training guides how to better communicate information and stories to inbound (international) visitors.

Now, in 2022 I have taken that to the next level this year by applying some of the principles myself which helps me better train and support others who want to develop a stronger, more sustainable brand that appeals to visitors (and new residents).

If you are interested in joining me for a free online tour on HeyGo, it would be great to have you there! https://www.heygo.com/jj-walsh-in-japan

If you are interested in a in-person tour when you are visiting the Hiroshima area, please drop me a message on social media to set something up from 30mins to half a day orientation tours. I love to meet people at the start of their day and give them an introductory tour then set them off to explore and deepen their experience on their own.

Sustainable Tourism and Travel Courses with Joy - Details & Sign-Ups

I have also been contacted by educators looking for bespoke tours in-person and online for their groups of students. I am happy to cater a tour to the needs of your group. Contact me via one of these links - I look forward to working with you.

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