Making It Stick: Creating An Organization Ready For Change


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As we learned throughout the coronavirus pandemic, change is constant. So, how do you make changes stick? To do it right, you’ve got to start at the very beginning and create a change-adapted organization that can stay resilient.

Kelli Skaff joins Jennifer Ayers on this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast to talk about how and why organizations should create an internal change management function. Kelli is a change management expert, handling major changes like system integration, finance process design, setting up shared-service models, and so much more.

Listen to Jennifer and Kelli discuss creating an internal change management function:

Introducing Kelli Skaff (2:09)

Jennifer introduces Kelly and they talk about some of the things she’s done throughout her career.

Experience (6:41)

Kelli shares some of her own experiences with companies that have gone well and others that have struggled, detailing what went right and wrong.

What has success looked like? (12:39)

Kelli breaks down what successful change management looks and sounds like. From “toppling the ivory tower” to

The benefits of having an internal change function (16:09)

Jennifer and Kelli take a look at the value of an organization having an in-house change function and the areas that are needed to make it happen.

Value (20:58)

Kelli shares an example of an organization that found value in change management due to proper planning, asking the right questions, and having the right mindset.

Where to place change management capabilities (25:51)

Regardless of where in the organization an internal change management capability sits, having the sponsorship/backing of the entire organization to do what’s needed is key, according to Kelli.

How to thrive (28:30)

Kelli views surviving change as an organization that’s thinking of one initiative independently from the others. Kelli believes there are a few things an organization needs to do in order to truly thrive in change management.

Road show (33:44)

Kelli points to organizations needing a “road show” when creating a change management function in order to increase buy-in and get ideas brewing.

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