109: Tom Geraghty on psychological safety


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This week’s guest is Tom Geraghty

Tom runs a business that supports and coaches people and teams in the area of psychological safety. He has created a reputation in this niche, through his work, his online contributions and a very impactful newsletter each week. Tom hasn’t come at this topic through what you might think is the traditional and formal psychological route, but from the position of a worker in an environment seeing how leaders misuse their position, create caustic environments and make people feel not only rubbish but inhibited too. And Tom then had sense and will to learn why, how, what and when these environments arise and how he could support people to make things better, to feel safer so that you can unlock their potential and performance.

I really enjoyed this conversation with Tom, his deep thinking really added value and I hope you enjoy it too.


Twitter https://twitter.com/tom_geraghty

Website https://psychsafety.co.uk/

Newsletter https://psychsafety.co.uk/newsletter/

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