108: Jenny Coe and Amy Whitehead on myths of sports coaching


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I have two guests for you this week, Jenny Coe and Dr Amy Whitehead

Jenny Coe is former international basketball player for Ireland and has spent her working career developing coaches and players, first at UK coaching and now working as a Head of Performance and Wellbeing with West Ham Women’s Football Team. Jenny also runs her own company Impact the Game a company that supports coaches and athletes in the area of sports psychology.

Amy is a Reader in Sport Psychology and Coaching at Liverpool John Moores University, where she leads the Coaching and Pedagogy Research Group at LJMU and specialises in research in stressors and coping during competition.

But the main reason that Jenny and Amy are on today is that they have co-edited a super interesting book called Myths of Sports Coaching, collating a range of common misconceptions and tackling them head on, giving sense over superstition, but also a clear understanding as to why myths have originated which I think really helps people see where some ideas such as

  • Learning styles
  • 10,000 hours
  • Deliberate practice
  • Do you have to walk it to talk it
  • and do coaches need to be cruel to be kind

As I stated in my testimonial on the back of the book, The work, illuminated by leading authors, scholars and practitioners, is indispensable for anyone supporting and championing others through coaching.

I hope you enjoy this wide ranging conversation as we get into several of the concepts that the book addresses.

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