Skepticism and the Paranormal (guest Craig Weiler)


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The term skeptic is derived from the Greek skeptikos, meaning “to inquire” or “look around.” Skeptics require additional evidence before accepting someone’s claims as true. They are willing to challenge the status quo with open-minded, deep questioning of authority.

Our guest, Craig Weiler is the science editor for Paranormal Daily News, a parapsychology journalist, author and blogger. He covers controversies in parapsychology (and occasionally other topics) as well as interesting studies, various researchers and projects and the occasional topical subject related to parapsychology. In particular, Craig covered the TED controversy of 2013 extensively as well as a Wikipedia controversy later in the year and was the first to report on Russell Gruber’s Mirror Worlds Research

His book: Psi Wars: TED, Wikipedia and the Battle for the Internet follows the TED controversy while taking a broader look at why this sort of thing is happening in the first place. More of Craig’s writing can be seen on his blog The Weiler Psi | Parapsychology Journalism: The People, The Theory, The Science, The Skeptics

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