Most Common Marketing Mistake You Might Be Making - David Meerman Scott


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David Meerman Scott is an American online marketing strategist and author of several books on marketing, including The New Rules of Marketing and PR. As a Business Strategist and a Marketing genius, he finds trends and opportunities before the masses. In this episode, David Meerman Scott and Jason Marc Campbell share how Covid has affected the world of Marketing and what we can do to come out on top.

David Meerman Scott is an internationally acclaimed sales and marketing strategist who helps companies and organizations generate attention and grow business in a real-time world. He is a Go-to-Market LP at Stage 2 Capital, where he invests in and advises some of the most promising new companies in the world. David is also a co-founder and partner in Signature Tones, a sonic branding studio. He is the co-author of Marketing the Moon (with Rich Jurek) and Marketing Lessons from The Grateful Dead (with HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan). He is the author of three are international bestsellers: Newsjacking, Real-Time Marketing & PR, a Wall Street Journal bestseller, and The New Rules of Marketing & PR, now in its 7th edition after been translated into 29 languages with over 400,000 copies sold so far. . His newest hit is called The New Rules of Sales & Service.

Listen out for:

- The post covid Marketing trends.

- The advantage of being in a niche market.

- How to hack social media algorithms.

- The most common pr mistake.


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