Round 6 Late Mail Edition feat. Wackos Whispers and your Twitter questions


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Catfish is here with the usual Wackos Whispers late mail , your Twitter questions and there's a LOT of Condon/Blore chat this week. Also, is it too late for DFifita, and also defining (or re-defining) why someone is a "Trap" or not. He finishes up by doing a bit of an internal monologue as he works out his trades this week - compare his 'vanilla' options (Riki/Niu out for Condon/BKelly) and the 'big balls' / 'swing for the fences' option (Teddy/Riki for Luai/BKelly). Listen to Catfish try rationalise trading out Teddy and tell him how much of an idiot he is haha!

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