'Go hard or go home' or running on fumes - Round 22, 2021


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The round just gone was certainly up and down for a variety of reasons but we continue to lose SuperCoach-relevant players each week. Plenty of teams are struggling big-time and that shapes up for a fascinating, albeit frustrating, end to the season. Catfish and Joe Fitz are here again to help work through the Round 22 match-ups and highlight key points arising from teamlists. NRLPhysio was able to join us and deliver some serious insight into what the real concerns are for Nathan Cleary - especially in light of the Reed Mahoney injury - and also Alex Johnston too. We also go again with this week's Swysh SuperCoach Star of the Round!

Strategy-wise, we look in depth at some of the left-field moves that SuperCoaches can make as they make a play for overall glory, or for their head-to-head finals campaigns. We consider some low ownership POD options and discuss the process behind how we identify those PODs for ourselves, look at whether or not it's an option to captain anybody aside from Turbo and we also try work out where the 'line' is for whether or not to pull the trigger on your last or last few trades.

Timestamps if you want to jump ahead:

  • NRLPhysio's injury wrap - 5 min 27s
  • Teamlist Takeaways: 21 min 14s
  • Swysh SuperCoach Star of the Week: 54 min 54s
  • Strategy Chat: 58 min 41s

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