Captainhuyzen delivers, Walker's on and broken down Saabs


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Round 4 was incredible but you get the feeling the best is yet to come. Round 5 throws up some more exciting match-ups and it's getting more and more tense already! We're settling into the season but it's still important times to get our teams right. As always, NRLPhysio's here with the injury breakdowns, we work through the Round 5 teamlists, we pick our Swysh SuperCoach Star of the Round - plus a bit of a special message courtesy of Swysh - and our usual strategic chat on what to focus on for our teams this week, what trades we're considering and looking ahead to the byes.

Timestamps if you want to jump ahead:

NRLPhysio's injury wrap - 7 min 20s

Teamlists: 25 min 50s

Swysh SuperCoach Star of the Week: 47 mins 5s

Strategy Chat: 53 mins 5s

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