Field Report: Imperialism vs. Democracy in Nicaragua, Venezuela, Honduras


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Super-Exploitation and Resistance brings you our first Field Report, dispatches from our on-the-ground coverage in Latin America. In this episode we take a look at three recent elections in the region—Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Honduras—where the left secured important victories in each country, striking important blows against imperialism in Latin America. What are the implications of these results for the left and US-LatAm relations? How will US and Canadian imperialism react?

Our guests are: Teri Mattson, Latin America Coordinator with CODEPINK who participated in the elections in all three countries; Michelle Munjanattu, a member of the creative committee of this podcast and an internationalist who accompanied the presidential election on Nov. 7; as well as Raul Burbano, SER producer who visited Venezuela during regional elections on Nov. 21; and host José Luis Granados Ceja who accompanied the vote in Venezuela and Honduras.


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