383 - Time To Build New Skills, With John Powers, CEO Of Extensible Energy (Linkedin Live Session 2020)


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We will continue our SunCast Rewing theme, this time, dipping into the vault of one of our LinkedIn Live sessions from last year.

I had a great conversation with John Powers of Extensible Energy about the value of capacity building in an organization during difficult times. In truth, this happened just as the pandemic started back in April of 2020. I recently looked back and asked myself, “where can I glean some insight from one of our past guests about how the world has changed or how it might change?”. The immediate answer was my conversation with John.

John and the Extensible Energy team recently raised a whopping amount of $3.4 million dollars in their venture funding round. They clearly did something right during this pandemic so congratulations to John and his team for this amazing milestone.

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