S5 Ep49: E49: CanO Water Co-Founder - Josh White - Creating a brand when the industry you are entering into doesn’t see the potential


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Josh White, Co-founder of CanO Water, launched the brand after returning from a holiday in Thailand where they had been inspired to drive change after seeing the dire state of plastic bottles lining the beach and what started out as an eye-opening trip abroad became a mission to reduce single use plastic.

Since launching in 2015, CanO Water has sold over 15 million cans in the UK and Ireland. Propelled by increasing consumer demand for more sustainable alternatives to plastic bottled water, CanO Water has built a national presence across multiple channels in the UK and Ireland, continuing its growth in new territories as the plastic problem becomes more globally recognised.

Cut to 2022 and the brand is experiencing another exciting chapter with a seven-figure investment secured to drive the brand’s already exponential growth & a new Non-Exec Chairman, the former European President at Heineken.

In this podcast Oliver Bruce asks, how do you launch a brand when people don’t believe in it for the first three years and how to trust your vision and remain tenacious in the pursuit of success?

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