[REDUX] #33 - WARLOCKS OF PALO ALTO: The Grateful Dead As Mass Ritual, Part I


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These episodes were remixed for The Trip on CKUW 95.9FM in Winnipeg: ckuw.ca/programs/detail/the-trip Dimitri and Khalid launch into a kaleidoscopic, meandering, improvisational deep dive on The Grateful Dead (née The Warlocks of Palo Alto), the band's extensive links to CIA/MK-Ultra LSD research at Stanford, Ken Kesey's Acid Tests, the deep folkloric origins of the "Grateful Dead" legend, Hank Harrison's anthropological framing of The Dead amidst San Francisco's wily bohemian roots, and begin to unpack the susness of the various counterculture figures/ruling class misfits hovering around the Deadhead scene. (Part 1 of 2.) For access to full-length premium episodes and the SJ Grotto of Truth Discord, subscribe to the Al-Wara’ Frequency at patreon.com/subliminaljihad.

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