[PREVIEW] #125c - CONTRA VII, Part Three: Fortunate Supermob


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*For access to full-length premium episodes and the SJ Grotto of Truth Discord, subscribe to the Al-Wara’ Frequency at patreon.com/subliminaljihad.* Before jumping back into Alan A. Block’s “Masters of Paradise”, Dimitri and Khalid take a detour through that toddlin’ town of Chicago for a mini-History of the American Fortunes overview of the Pritzker family’s rise to power as portrayed in Gus Russo’s “Supermob”, including: the true nature of Illinois’ “most equity-centric” marijuana legalization and the “Chicago Cannabis Cartel” run by the Pritzkers, Wrigleys, and koof juice Kovlers, Bloody Maxwell Street and the scrappy origins of Chicago’s Jewish business upstarts, ethnic tensions between Waspified German Jews and poor Eastern European Jews, the total despoiling of the Japanese-American Nissei of California during WW2 by the Chicago Outfit, Jay A. Pritkzer profiting directly off Japanese internment, and San Francisco pedophile real estate tycoon Donald Werby’s close relationships with Anton Lavey, Abe Pritzker/Hyatt, and Al Capone. Dimitri and Khalid then return to the sordid saga of Castle Bank and Trust, including: Special Agent Dick Jaffe’s undercover investigation, “twenty year contract” man Francis Eugene Poe, honeytrapping Mike Wollstonecroft, getting bailed out by sus International Bank of BCCI fame, Paul Helliwell’s role in bringing Walt Disney’s “Florida Project” (Disney World) to life, Stanford Clinton’s mob associations, Henry Ford II’s adventures in Sint-Maarten and financing partnerships with Hyatt, Laurence Tisch’s management of Paradise Island, stonewalling and leaks inside the IRS, and the climactic showdown between Jaffe and the inscrutable law firm of Levenfeld and Kanter LLP.

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