[PREVIEW] #113b - INSIDE JOHN TRAIN: The Outlaw in Phil Ochs’ Brain (Part 2)


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For access to full-length premium episodes and the SJ Grotto of Truth Discord, subscribe to the Al-Wara’ Frequency at patreon.com/subliminaljihad. Dimitri and Khalid continue exploring the last few years of singer Phil Ochs’ life, including: the ill-fated Gunfight at Carnegie Hall, trying to put Che Guevara’s brain into the body of Elvis, the mysterious attack in Dar-es-Salaam that damaged his vocal chords, the sudden manifestation of John Train replacing/“killing” Phil Ochs in the summer of 1975, managing Ramsey Clark’s campaign for President, “ending” Muhammad Ali with one verse and one chorus about Sonny Liston, getting gangstalked by the FBI and Mafia, threatening CIA Director William Colby, Train’s 1976 suicide, and last but not least, the explosive claim by Jim Glover that Phil Ochs was at Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63 as a “national security observer”.

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